Local Review Body

Last Meeting: 03 April 2024 16:00

Summary of Local Review Body Remit

To (i) review applications for planning permission or for consent, agreement or approval which have been refused, granted subject to conditions or have not been determined within the prescribed period by the appointed officer under the Scheme of Delegation prepared in terms of Section 43A of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 and in terms of the Town and Country Planning (Scheme of Delegation and Local Review Procedures) (Scotland) Regulations 2008 and (ii) to carry out all other functions as described in the aforesaid legislation.

Quorum: 4

Council Members

Name Role
Councillor McVey, Tommy Chair
Councillor Curley, Christopher Vice Chair
Councillor Brooks, Graeme
Councillor Clocherty, Jim
Councillor Crowther, John
Councillor McCabe, Stephen
Councillor McGuire , Natasha

Non Council Members

There are no members yet

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