Inverclyde Council

Last Meeting: 13 June 2024 16:00

Summary of Council Remit

The Council retains key responsibility for:

  • Council Budget
  • Corporate Management Structure
  • Political decision-making processes
  • Specific statutory functions

For further details of the Council’s remit, please refer to the Scheme of Administration.

Quorum: 7

Council Members

Name Role
Councillor McKenzie, Drew Provost
Councillor Brooks, Graeme Depute Provost
Councillor Armstrong, Pam
Councillor Brennan , Francesca
Councillor Cassidy, Paul
Councillor Clocherty, Jim
Councillor Crowther, John
Councillor Curley, Christopher
Councillor Daisley, James
Councillor Jackson, Colin
Councillor Law, Kirsty
Councillor McCabe, Stephen
Councillor McCluskey, Martin
Councillor McCormick, Michael
Councillor McGuire , Natasha
Councillor McVey, Tommy
Councillor Moran, Robert
Councillor Nelson, Innes
Councillor Quinn, Lynne
Councillor Reynolds, Sandra
Councillor Robertson, Elizabeth
Councillor Wilson, David

Non Council Members

There are no members yet

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