Adult Support & Protection - Public Information

What happens next?

The Adult Support & Protection Act (2007) is about finding out if a person is being harmed and finding ways to help keep the person safe. 

Inquiries (finding out Information)

If Social Work think an ‘adult at risk’ is being harmed they must make inquiries about the person to make sure they are well, their money and their home is being looked after.  The inquiries are made by a Social Worker who is trained to be a Council Officer. The Council Officer can speak to anyone who might be in contact with the ‘adult at risk’.  This could include doctors, nurses, housing officers, care staff, police.

Investigations (asking questions)

The Council Officer can visit and speak to the person who they think is an ‘adult at risk’.  This is to ask what they think is wrong and can be changed; and what can be done to help the person keep safe.

Advocacy Services

Advocacy Services are independent. An advocacy workers assists a person to speak up for what they think is important in their lives and to tell people (including Council Officers) what they want to happen.  Council Officers can arrange for an advocacy worker on the persons behalf or can give the person the contact details for the local advocacy service so they can get in touch themselves. 

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