Premises Licence Application

Any person aged 18 and over may apply for a premises licence authorising the sale of alcohol within a premises.

There are two types of premises licences which can be applied for these are:

  • Grant of Premises Licence
  • Provisional Premises Licence

The grant of a Premises Licence is generally processed and considered in one step.

The Provisional Premises Licence is generally processed and considered in two steps.  The first step includes advertisement of the application and it being considered by the Board.  If granted, the second step is to confirm the Provisional Licence to a full licence which may be processed under delegated powers.  This type of application can relate to site only premises or existing premises which are under development.  A Provisional Premises Licence does not permit the sale of alcohol on the premises.

Your premises will also require a Personal Licence Holder to sell and authorise the sale of alcohol.

The application form and other documents which may be required are available to download on the Documents Section of this page.