Public Procession

Public Procession information, applications and events.

Public processions, marches and parades require to be licensed by the local authority in which they are to be held.  Inverclyde Council staff work closely with Police Scotland, to ensure that any such events in the Inverclyde area are organised in a safe manner and cause minimal disruption and inconvenience.

To ensure that communities are aware of public processions, marches and parades in their area, the Licensing Section will publish details of all applications on this Section of Inverclyde Council’s website. These details are also forwarded to a range of other organisations.

In addition, the Council will also keep an opt-in list to make sure anyone who asks for details of processions to be held in their area can receive the appropriate information to allow them to plan better and work around any problems which could be caused by the processions.  Any interested members, organisations and groups wishing to be included in the opt-in list should contact the Licensing Section.

Page last updated: 3 July 2015