Choose the Right Service

Services are still being delivered, but how they are accessed and provided has changed as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have a new campaign called Accessing your GP, Dentist, Optician and Pharmacy.

Please access advice and self-help guides at

Our 2 paged flyer listed under documents on this page will provide further information.

Choose The Right Service

We have 2 campaigns under the branding of Choose the Right Service.  Choose the Right Service was developed to help guide our local patients into accessing the right health care professional and services for their health and social care needs. Find out how to access services and professionals by referring to the poster and leaflets listed under documents on this page.

Choose the Right Service - Full size image

Choose the right service: children and young people is a guide to parents/carers/professionals. The full 4 page leaflet is listed under documents on this page.

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Managing the expected signs of concussion in Children.

A useful traffic light system providing information and guidance for parents, guardians and carers after a Head Injury can be found by accessing the full leaflet listed under documents on this page.

Concussion in Children - New